This  game created in the style of Crash Bandicoot over the course of 1 week.  Featuring a test room to demo features and 2 example levels to show off these working together.

This project took approximately 15 hours. 

• Custom character controller and cameras
• Double jumping
• Destroying crates by kicking or jumping on them
• Explosive Crates activated by touch.
• Simple enemies
• Collectibles (Apples)
• Health items
• Basic UI (Health bar and apple count)
• Pause menu with Audio sliders (that are saved as preferences)

Created by Jason Peterson

Player Model & Animations:
Sounds: Universal Sound FX by Imphenzia
Music: Ultimate Game Music Collection by John Leonard French
Everything else created by me. 


Third Person Platformer 36 MB
Third Person Platformer 53 MB

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