A game about creating a solar system. 

Made for Ludum Dare 45. 

Move by holding left mouse button. 
Press C to create more star dust. 
Select planet by clicking it. 
Change paint mode with buttons. 
Press ESC to quit. 
Pressing Space will apply the drawing to the current planet. 
Pressing Space when not drawing will take a screenshot and save it in the data folder directory. 
Note* Screenshots from previous plays will be overwritten if more are taken. Change the name or move the ones you want to keep. 

Update 1: Removed shortcut keys in favor of on screen buttons. Added buttons for mobile devices to fully experience the game. Also fixed the paint cursor (it was in the game but broke last minute before submission!)


Paint a Solar System PC.zip 19 MB
PaintASolarSystem.apk 9 MB


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I had a little trouble figuring out the controls at the beginning but I had a lot of fun playing around with the game. I like its sandbox approach. Great job