Moon Faux Pas is about trying to discover if the moon is fake or not, by actually going there. 

Work your way through objectives to collect parts to make your flying car into a spaceship! 


Press Enter/Return to continue conversations.
ESC to pause
E to get in or out of car (when unlocked)
E to talk to people (sphere's of light indicate who will talk to you at that time)
Mouse to look around

Outside Car: 
WASD to move. 
Space to Jump. 

Inside Car: 
W to fly forward
AD to fly sideways
S to fly backward
Left Click to shoot (when unlocked)

The game has a hard end, feel free to close it after the credits. 
(Alt + F4 or Command Q) On browsers press ESC, then you can leave the page.

Post Jam Update:

  • Added a pause menu for every playable section to be able to quit the game or just pause. 
  • Added an infinite mode to the title screen after beating the game. 
  • Fixed credits not having a title button. 
  • Other various fixes/updates. 
Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity

Install instructions

Download and unzip the files.
Run the Moon Faux Pas.exe file 


Moon Faux Pas PC 76 MB
Moon Faux Pas Mac 93 MB


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The 3D models are insane